Find Restoration of Body, Mind and Soul

Nothing Like it in Australia

The only health retreat in Australia that runs on 100% donation basis. That means, no fixed price. Come experience The Maker Heals. The free-will donations of our patrons/guests, help us cover costs and achieve our vision.

Our Philosophy

Through introducing you to the Maker and the Maker's health laws, we encourage a healthy change of lifestyle and wholistic restoration of body, mind & soul.

December 8 - 17

Intensive 10-day Program

The next Maker Heals 10-day program is Dec 8-17 at the Abide Wellness Retreat facility in Narbethong.

This seminar is for anyone who is sick and/or who wishes to improve their health and spirituality and find restoration of mind, body and soul.

Other program dates:

  • January 22-31, 2021
  • February 15-19, 2021
  • Feb 21 - March 2, 2021
  • March 21-30, 2021