Meet the Team

The Maker Heals program is facilitated by Joy Cho, assisted by Emmanuel Higgins.
Joy is associated with the Bethel Sanitarium in South Korea. Bethel Sanitarium has helped people spiritually and brought healing for more than 30 years. Joy has trained with Mrs. Choi Cha Soon, the founder of Bethel Sanitarium. Emmanuel has several years experience working in health retreats here in Australia.

Joy ChoEmmanuel Higgins


Maker Heals & Madison is a diverse team of individuals united by their faith, care for people, and passion for health.

Next Program

Intensive 10-day Program

Please visit the application form or call 0420 746 255 to find out the dates for the next Maker Heals program.

This seminar is for anyone who is sick and/or who wishes to improve their health and spirituality and find restoration of mind, body and soul.


  1. Participants must be able to stay and attend the full program.
  2. Participants must be able to go up and down stairs.
  3. Understand that there are shared showers and bathrooms (with separate stalls, of course).

Digital Program

A health program designed for you

Since mid 2020 we have been developing software and content for the digital Maker Heals Program.

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