Info & Frequently Asked Questions

What is "The Maker Heals" program?

"The Maker Heals" is an experiential, practical, spiritually-focused, natural-healing, live-in or digital lifestyle program.

Who is "the Maker"?

The Maker is the creator of our natural world, and all things beautiful and good. The Creator has given simple, yet powerful laws of health. These laws and the Creator's will are revealed through nature and through the writings of Scripture. The Creator's way is a way of love, compassion and care for everyone.

We encourage you to experience for yourself, the truth to the words "The Maker Heals".

Who is your team?

Our team are a diverse, compassionate and genuinely caring group of Seventh-day Adventist Christians. We love health, food, nature, the scriptures and the spiritual life that we have experienced and are passionate to share.

On the team we have expert cooks, well-travelled and researched presenters, natural therapists, and many combined years of experience working in health retreats in Australia and overseas.

Why is this program Donation-basis?

We wish everyone to prosper, and be in good health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We want everyone who needs this experience, wealthy or poor to be able to afford it. Those who can donate more, can do so, those who can't afford will donate less. We give this choice to our patrons/guests.

Especially because of COVID-19, we understand that many may be in financially hard times.

This is our way to give back to the community.

Our parent organisation (Madison Missions) has a big vision to help teach young people business, health and Christian principles. For income, Madison is running Beehive Community Services. The Maker Heals is possible to be run on donation-basis because of their hard work and because of the generous community. To read about this, and our full vision, visit:

What is the food like?

All the food is 100% plant-based and 100% delicious.🙂🍎 During your stay we may give you options of a short fruit-fast or water-fast and discuss resetting your food portion-sizes and meal-times. For more information please contact Joy on: 0420 746 255

What are the dates?

After the pilot of the new digital program, being planned for late July 2021, we will be announcing new dates.

Digital Program

A health program designed for you

Since mid 2020 we have been developing software and content for the digital Maker Heals Program. As of mid 2021 we are in the final stages of content preparation.

The first pilot program is being planned for late July 2021.

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