Affiliate Seminar: The Maker Heals, Queensland

Dates: July 26th – August 2nd, 2020

Location: The Log Cabin
3360 Nerang Murwillumbah Rd. Natural Bridge, QLD 4211

Facilitator: Pr Bud Beaty, Health Educator

Lodging: Spaces are limited.

Bookings: contact Noemi Cummings on 0423 450 703.

Cost: $50 per day (includingn food and accommodation)

What to bring: Please bring your clothes, toiletries, towels, walking shoes, indoor slippers (if desired), rain gear, Bible, writing pad, water bottle, and other necessities. If you already have a copy of the textbook called "The Medical Missionary Work Taught By Jesus," please bring it with you.

"The Maker Heals" seminar is an experiential, practical, spiritually-focused natural healing seminar. It is for anyone who wishes to learn about God's way of healing for lifestyle diseases. This seminar is also for medical missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and lay people who desire to learn, practice, and share the health message together with the three angels' messages.

Because the seminar continuously builds upon each given lecture, those who are able to attend the seminar from the beginning to the end are encouraged to attend. Also, based upon each individual's condition, age, and weight, fruit fasting may recommended for a few days. Come with an earnest desire to meet the Maker who heals.

Booking is required! Due to the strict COVID-19 restrictions, booking ahead of time is very important. Thank you for being understanding of the situation!

Bookings: contact Noemi Cummings on 0423 450 703.